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Coronavirus (COVID 19) Scams

Release Date: March 05, 2020
Protect yourself and your company from phishing scams

Coronavirus Scams: Phishing for Personal and Company Access

Major news events create opportunities for our adversaries or cybercriminals to wreak havoc by playing with our emotions or targeting our natural curiosity. Online scammers are using email phishing schemes in an attempt to profit on people's confusion and fear surrounding the virus. Security researchers have identified multiple phishing scams in which attackers pose as authorities like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the World Health Organization in emails, offering information about the virus in order to trick victims into downloading malicious software or handing over their login credentials.  

Attackers know that many people are suspicious of links in emails, so they are changing their tactics. Now, they are delivering their mischief via email attachments. When the attachment is opened, nothing may display or a form that looks legitimate may pop-up. However, it's what you don't see running in the background that is the problem. A link or attachment can infect your computer or the network you are on. If you accidentally or mistakenly click on a link or open an attachment from an unknown sender, please contact town hall and your IT department immediately.

To avoid falling victim to cybercriminals' tricks, be mindful of the following tips: 

·         Always be alert about emails from unknown senders or with unknown attachments.

·         Don not open attachments unless you know the sender and are expecting the attachment.

·         Even if you know the send, if the email is suspicious, verify with the sender that they intentionally send the attachment to you.

Coronavirus is an epidemic with global proportions, making it the ideal trigger in driving a global audience to react.  Be aware, be mindful and be protective of personal and company information.