Meetings: 4th Tuesday at 7:30

Benjamin Weber, President 12/31/2023
Jesse Smith  12/31/2023
Kenneth West  12/31/2024
Ann Reale   12/31/2022
Trishna Goswami  12/31/2022
John Atkins, Alternate No. 1 12/31/2023  
Daniela Caporrino, Alternate No. 2 12/31/2023
Wendy Parrinello, Board Secretary 973-543-4555 ext.218
2021/2022 Meeting Schedule: January 26, 2021, February 23, 2021, March 23, 2021, April 27, 2021, May 25, 2021, June 22, 2021, July 27, 2021, August, 24, 2021, September 28, 2021, October 26, 2021, November 23, 2021, January 25, 2022
COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Vaccination Information

Safe Summer Prevention

Tick-Free Summer

In order to enjoy a tick-free summer, make preventing tick bites part of your plans before gardening, camping, hiking, or just playing outdoors by following the CDC’S guidelines on preventing tick bites and Lyme disease.

Prevent Lyme Disease

Warning Signs and Symptoms of Heat-Related Illness

Heat-related illnesses are preventable. Learn the symptoms and what to do if you or a loved one shows signs of having a heat-related illness.

Mosquito Control

Learn about the importance of mosquito control, community-level control efforts, and what you can do to make a difference at home.

Healthy Swimming and Recreational Water Illnesses

Recreational water illnesses are diseases that people can get from the water in which they swim and play—like swimming pools, hot tubs/spas, water playgrounds, or oceans, lakes, and rivers—if the water is contaminated with germs.

Steps for Healthy Swimming