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Ballot position drawing for Primary Election Candidates will occur on Thursday, April 9th at 3:00PM in the Township Clerk's Office.


The Township Clerk serves as the secretary to the Governing Body and in this capacity prepares agendas, records minutes of all Township Committee meetings, and retains all permanent records and documents. 

All resolutions adopted by the Township Committee are kept on file with the Clerk. All resolutions are signed by the Mayor and the Township Clerk, who attest that resolutions are duly adopted upon the date stated. Signed copies are deemed to be a public record of the resolution.   

All ordinances are recorded in books maintained for that purpose. Each ordinance is signed by the Mayor and the Township Clerk, who attest that ordinances are duly adopted upon the date stated. Signed copies are deemedto be a public record of the ordinance. The Clerk also maintains all proofs of publication which may be required by law with respect to the adoption of the ordinance.

The minutes of each meeting of the Committee shall be approved by the Township Committee present at a regular meeting and signed by the Township Clerk. The Clerk is the keeper of the minutes.  Minutes are available in the Township Clerk's office and here on the Township website. 

Printed copies of any of these documents can be provided after completion of a Government Records Request form (OPRA form) and payment of the required copying fees.


For a copy of the Government Records Request Form (OPRA) click here

                                         Records Management

The Township Clerk is the official keeper of records for the Township. Copies of all Township records and documents are available through the Township Clerk’s Office. The following is a list of the documents available and associated reproduction fees:

Land Use Ordinance ($100.00)

Township Code ($125.00)

Zoning Maps ($4.00)

Street Maps ($4.00 )

Master Plan ($25.00)


                                               Licenses & Fees

The Township Clerk is the license officer for the Township. See below for a complete listing of licenses and permits coordinated by the Clerk’s Office.  Click here for the forms

Solicitor’s Permit:  Every applicant shall file with the Township Clerk a sworn written application, in duplicate, on a form furnished by the Clerk. A fee of $50.00 shall be paid to the Clerk at the time of application.

Alcohol Beverage License:  The sale and transportation of alcoholic beverages in the Township is regulated in accordance with the rules and regulations of the State Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control.  No person shall or sell or distribute alcoholic beverages within the Township without obtaining a license from the Township.   Licenses may be applied for through the Township Clerk's Office, and are approved by the Township Committee, for issuance by the state.

Bingo and Raffle Licenses:  Any organization desiring to apply for a license to conduct bingo or raffles must first register with the Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission.  An identification number will be issued by the Control Commission which is valid for a period of 2 years to remain current.  An organization must apply for the bingo or raffle license with the municipality in which the games are to take place.  Any application must first be approved by the Township Committee before forwarding to the Control Commission, therefore it is important that adequate time is allowed - an application must be received by the municipality at least 7 days prior to the Township Committee meeting when the governing body approves the application before it goes to the Control Commission.  It is advisable to submit an application at least 30 days prior to the event. 


For more information on Birth Certificates, Marriage and Civil Unions Licenses, click here


The Township Clerk is the Chief Registrar of voters and serves as Chief Administrative Officer of Elections held in the Township - School, Primary and General.  For more information on elections, click here. For more information about becoming a Morris County Poll Worker click here.


Morris County Clerk's Office Property Alert Service

This service is the first step in protecting your property. Unfortunately, property and mortgage fraud is a fast growing crime in our country. Scammers record fraudulent documents - like fake deeds - or record fake liens - against property owners. In some cases, fraud on real property is not discovered for years. To address these concerns, and protect one of your most important assets, our office offers this FREE service to notify you immediately via email whenever a document with your name is recorded in the County Clerk's Office.