Department of Public Works
40 Mount Pleasant Road, Mendham, NJ 07945

David H. Read, Jr., Superintendent of Public Works


The Township provides a variety of public works services including the maintenance of municipal roadways and drainage systems, the issuance of road opening permits, snow removal, brush collection, buildings and grounds maintenance and the maintenance of recreational facilities. The majority of public works services are performed by the Township’s eleven person Public Works Department. 

Brush Collection

Brush collection takes place only twice a year: Once in the spring and once in the fall. The collection is provided to help residents remove from their property the sticks, branches and brush that nature has caused to fall during the year. The program is designed primarily for homeowners who have little to no acreage on which to discard the materials, but is open to all Township residents. The Public Works crews will not collect excessive loads cleared from the property by private contractors. If you have brush to be collected by the public works department please follow these simple guidelines:

  • Place material at the side of the road by 7:00 a.m., with ends facing the roadway.
  • Do not tie bundles.
    • ​If you want to tie the bundles, use string only, NO wire.
    • Bundles must be less than twelve inches in diameter and six feet in length. 
  • Do not put steel rods or any metal objects in with the wood.
  • Individual branches/logs cannot be more than 6" in diameter and between 18" and 6' in length.
  • Please:
    • No tree stumps
    • No firewood
    • No logs over six feet long

Recycling & Garbage Collection


Garbage Collection is provided via contracts with Recycle Track Systems. For questions about garbage collection, please call 1-833-663-6787.

Recycling Collection is provided via contracts with Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority. For questions about recycling collection, please call 973-543-4555.


Electronic Waste


Electronic Waste includes discarded, obsolete, broken, electrical or electronic devices, including computers, TVs, notebooks, cell phones and other electronic devices, often containing hazardous material not suitable for regular disposal methods.  NO appliances, batteries, wires or vacuums.  Electronic waste may be dropped off at the DPW garage during the following hours:

Electronic Waste Drop Off Hours: Friday, 7:00 AM - 11:00 am & First Saturday of the month, 9:00 am - 12:00 noon. For questions, please reach out to DPW at 973-543-4509

Submit a Service Request

Notify Mendham Township of non-emergency issues, such as, road maintenance, tree trimming, sign repairs via iWorq. Once reported, the issue will be directed to the appropriate department(s). We encourage residents to set up an account to recieve updates on the reported issue.

Woodchips and Mulch 

To request delivery and to have your name placed on the list, please call DPW at 973-543-4509.  As of July 28, 2020, DPW is out of woodchips and mulch until further notice. 

  • Woodchips (first cut pieces)
  • Mulch (finer grade pieces available later in the summer)
  • Firewood is available (not split) 3 yard delivery capacity
  • Woodchips/Mulch delivery (when available) $10 per cubic yard

When making a payment, please place checks in small plastic bags, not in envelopes.

Snow Plowing

In the event of inclement winter weather, the Township Public Works crews provide snow removal services for the over 75 miles of Township roads.  Morris County is responsible for snow removal on the two County roads - Route 24 and Tempe Wick Road. To contact the County Roads department call 973-285-6750.

To assist the Public Works Deparment in their snow removal services, residents are asked not to park vehicles on the street during snow or ice storms.  Questions concerning snow removal services should be directed to the Public Works Deparment.

The Township's primary obligation is to ensure that its roadways are as clear as possible of snow and/or ice.  It's also understood that most mailboxes are located within the public right-of-way, and therefore, while fulfilling the primary objective, mailboxes may be unintentionally and unavoidably damaged.  This policy assumes there is a shared responsibility between the Township and the homeowner when mailboxes located in the public right-of-way are damaged during snow removal operations.  While there is no legal requirement that the Township do so, it is the policy of the Township of Mendham to reimburse residents up to $50 for eligible damaged mailboxes, caused by direct plow contact on the part of the Township of Mendham Department of Public Works or their subconstractors.

Mendham Township's 2016 Mailbox Oridnance

Damaged Mailbox Request for Reimbursement Form

Tires, Automobile Batteries and Oil

 Throughout the year, the Township collects tires, automobile batteries and used oil at the Department of Public Works garage. Below is a listing of fees for the services and inforamtion on hours of operation for accepting drop off materials.

  • Electronic Waste - no charge
  • Rimless tires, $5; Mounted on rims, $10
  • Automobile batteries, $10 (NO other batteries accepted)
  • Used motor oil, $.50 per gallon (minimum charge is $1.00)

Location: DPW Garage, 40 Mount Pleasant Road. Hours of Collection: Friday, 7:00 am - 11:00 am & the first Saturday of the month, 9:00 am - noon.

For information on other hazardous waste collection options, please call the Morris County Municipal Untilities Authority (MUA) at 973-285-8390

Driveway and Road Opening Permit

A driveway permit is required when replacing, resurfacing (tearing up old and repaving) or putting in a new driveway.  If you have any questions or are not sure if you need to take out a permit, please call 973-543-4509.

Driveway Opening Permit

Road Opening Permit